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What should my student wear to class?

  • Each dancer is asked to wear tights, body suit and skirt/ booty shorts if they prefer (see the studio handbook for class specifics)

  • Appropriate footwear (no socks). We have a selection of used shoes available to purchase at the studio.

  • Hair pulled back and out of student's face.

How much does dance cost?

  • Our classes are based on the length of time danced at the studio per week. Discounts are applied to cost of multiple classes. Please contact us for a detailed cost based on which classes they are interested in.

  • Dancers are required to wear costumes for Studio Photos and our Year End Recital. We strive to keep this cost as low as possible. These costs will vary if your dancers is joining our competitive team and will depend on how many routines they are a part of.

  • If your competitive dancer wishes to do extra work (solos, duets, etc.), there is an additional choreography fee and costume fee associated.

  • We also have a selection of YDDC Team Wear available for order, including team jackets that are required for our Competitive Team.

What level is my child?

  • Our first priority is to ensure your child joins a class where their skills and age align. Please contact us about placement, this is individual to each child!

What is expected of me as a parent?

  • Have your child to the studio on time, dressed for class, hair pulled back and ready to dance!

  • Please send your dancer with a water bottle, labelled with their name!

  • If your dancer is under the age of 6 or requires your assistance if necessary, please remain at the studio.

  • Encourage your child to practice!

  • Have your child to both the stage rehearsal and the recital on time, ready to dance!

How long is the dance season and what if my child decides they don't like it?

  • Our season begins in September and wraps up in June with our Year End Recital.

  • For our Show Stoppers, we want their dance experience to be special. If they are unsure about continuing, please speak to use prior to pulling them as we will make every effort to ensure class is a happy experience for them!

  • We do ask that dancers are not pulled after Christmas as choreography will be completed and is difficult to rework at this time.

  • If costumes have been ordered, we are unable to provide refunds for them.

  • Of course we understand that there are some instances that are unavoidable - please don't hesitate to speak with us about them!

How do I know what's going on? Dates, events etc?

  • We have a number of forms of communication that we use!

  1. Email is #1 - We send e-mails out to our dance family with important information. Please ensure you read these.

  2. Facebook - We have a YDDC Member Group where we post upcoming events and reminders. Its also a great tool for communication between families - if a dancers needs new shoes, they forgot an item at the studio, they need help with hair or if someone needs to carpool!

  3. Website - Once you have registered, you will be able to create a website log-in which will allow you access to upcoming information! Need to know when your next payment is due? Check out our Dates to Remember section. Can't quite recall when Stage Rehearsal is? We have that info there too!

  4. YDDC Handbook - This document will come in handy year round! Things that are included: class attire requirements, our Festival Dates, Studio Rules and Guidelines!

  5. Ask us! Send us an e-mail or ask us at the studio.