At Yellow Door Dance Company we offer a variety of dance classes – for both kids and adults! Our students have the choice of taking recreational or competitive dance classes. Our main dance program runs from September until the second week of June. Each class focuses on one sole choreography piece that is performed at the end of each dance season at our Year End Recital! Competitive students will have the opportunity to showcase their talents at dance festivals throughout the Spring months.


 For adults we offer many different disciplines that run on shorter term to accommodate busy and changing schedules.  

"Dance awakens new perceptions in children which allows them to think in new ways"

Check out some of the classes we offer below

*A - also offering classes for Adults



A great place for any dancer to begin as it makes

for a wonderful foundation for any dancer. Poise,

gracefulness, proper alignment, strength, coordination and flexibility are the focuses of any of our ballet classes. Our ballet classes combine jumps, leaps and turns all with proper foot and arm placement to create intricate flowing patterns. All competitive students must take ballet with the exception of hip-hop.


Contemporary dance pulls from other disciplines including ballet, modern and jazz. It is expressive and fluid - combining concepts of 'fall and recovery' and 'contraction and release'. At YDDC we offer contemporary classes to students who have strong ballet and jazz technique.



This is an action-packed class combining music, movement and tap shoes - your very own instrument. In tap classes we focus on exciting and intricate footwork, rhythm, strength and musicality.


This is a fusion class of both gymnastics and dance. Combining both disciplines with a focus on flexibility and strength. These classes include tumbling, balancing, partnering and contortion. The dynamics of dance are forever changing and acrobatics have become more popularly integrated into jazz, contemporary and hip hop disciplines.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a combination of singing, dancing and acting. These classes focus on the development of dramatic characters and teaching students to learn to be comfortable expressing these emotions throughout their choreography. This triple threat class is offered as a special project to our competitive dancers.


Jazz is offered to students ages five and up. This is a high-energy and fast-paced discipline that is rooted in African folk dance but also heavily influenced by the latest pop culture styles. Jazz dance classes include jumps, turns, body isolations, kicks and much more. Hands, arms, feet and legs are all stylized to suit the music.  

Stretch & Strength

These classes are focused on conditioning for our dancers to enhance their flexibility and strength. These classes are designed to increase students strength to support their flexibility, which decreases the risk of injury. As flexibility increasingly becomes more important in the dynamics of dance, these classes allow student to build a strong foundation for their technical classes. Stretch and Strength is free for all YDDC students!



Hip-hop builds off of several dance styles including popping, locking and breaking. In hip-hop classes you can expect to groove to the music, let loose and have fun!